Cornwall City Council 

PREPARED BY: CN=Paulette Heard/OU=PURCHASING/O=CityCornwall 
REPORT DATE: 05/04/2009
MEETING DATE: May 11, 2009 07:00 PM
SUBJECT:RFP No. 09-R02 Supply of Emergency Services Clothing



To obtain costing for various items of clothing for Emergency Medical Services.


That RFP 09-R02 be awarded for a one year period to Imagewear by Mark's Work Wearhouse, Cornwall, Ontario with an option to renew for an additional year.


The Corporation has budgeted $32,000.00 in the 2009 Budget for these items. The department will budget for subsequent years.


The Corporation of the City of Cornwall invited proposals from qualified vendors to supply EMS Uniforms for the Cornwall S.D. & G Emergency Services Division. The successful vendor would supply uniforms for paramedics and support staff that work various shifts, live and work in various locations in around the City of Cornwall and who need different uniform pieces at different times. The City is seeking a vendor that can supply all aspects of the approved EMS uniform within approximately two (2) weeks from order to delivery or off the rack purchase. As the service requires a very specific uniform for identification and Health and Safety reasons a system must be developed that would allow the paramedic staff access to a City of Cornwall service approved uniform.

The preferred method of supply would involve a retail store operation whereby the paramedic(s) can try on the various pieces of the approved uniform on their own time. The paramedic would decide from a pre-approved shopping list what uniform parts are replaced but cannot exceed their allocated amount and for this reason the award cannot be split among vendors.

The successful vendor must have the ability to manage the clothing allotment for each paramedic uniform purchase. The successful vendor would be responsible to ensure that personnel added or removed from the EMS personnel roster would also be added or removed from the list in their system upon notification. Under this method the retail store must be accessible to staff working in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry preferably in the City of Cornwall with access to other outlets if possible.

The uniforms that specifically identify a person as a paramedic of Cornwall, S.D. & G. EMS must be secure so that the general public does not have access to this specific design.

The efficiencies of the storefront option is to:

  • eliminate our need to manage stock , eliminate shipping fees and storage issues
  • allow the paramedic to select on their own time from a pre approved list allowing them to personalize their issues to what they need.
  • allow the paramedics to try on the selected items
  • avoid labour costs of supervisor which would include coordinating measurements, sending orders, dealing with measurement issues, distributing stock, recording stock and uniform complaints.
  • avoid returns of improperly sized garments

Requests for Proposals were received from Imagewear by Mark's Work Wearhouse, Cornwall, Ontario, Carleton Uniforms Inc., Carleton Place, Ontario and Williamson-Dickie Canada Co., Mississauga, Ontario.

Mark's Work Wearhouse who is our current vendor has a retail store front in Cornwall. Carleton Uniforms Inc. proposal was based on an alternative proposal that doesn't meet the needs of the department. Williamson-Dickie Canada Co. only bid on t-shirts and therefore didn't meet our requirements. Pricing of items is attached.


May 04, 2009 09:20 AM
Paulette Heard
Purchasing Agent
May 05, 2009 08:42 AM
Myles Cassidy
Manager Emergency Services
May 05, 2009 01:02 PM
Maureen Adams
G.M.Financial Services
May 06, 2009 08:45 AMPaul W. Fitzpatrick
Chief Administrative Officer


Motion to approve the recommendation as presented.

Moved By: André Rivette, Councillor
Seconded By: Syd Gardiner, Councillor