Cornwall City Council 

PREPARED BY: CN=Paulette Heard/OU=PURCHASING/O=CityCornwall 
REPORT DATE: 06/23/2010
MEETING DATE: Jun 28, 2010 07:00 PM
SUBJECT:RFP No. 10-R11 Pharmaceutical Services - Glen Stor Dun Lodge



To obtain proposals for pharmaceutical services for the Glen Stor Dun Lodge.


That RFP 10-R11 be awarded for a three year term with an option to extend the contract for two optional one year terms to Classic Care Pharmacy, Nepean, Ontario, being the best submission meeting the specifications.


There is no cost to the Corporation.


The Corporation of the City of Cornwall issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to provide pharmacy services for residents of the Glen Stor Dun Lodge as described in the Terms of Reference.

The Corporation reserves the right to terminate the contract or parts thereof for any reason, without penalty or obligations to the Corporation, upon provisions of ninety (90) days written notice.

Prior to issuing the document, the City engaged external counsel (Miller Thomson LLP) for review as well as input that resulted in improvements to the overall document prior to it being issued.

The City also engaged the services of a "Fairness Monitor" from P1 Consulting. The Fairness Monitor was engaged to oversee all stages of the evaluation process for all proposals received from the time leading up to deadline for proponents to respond to the RFP to the final stage and determination of the best submitted proposal. This individual attended all of the meetings to review the evaluations as required for the three stages outlined in the RFP. The Fairness Monitor was also present during our site visits at the pharmacies. A copy of an 'Attestation Letter' is attached that confirms that their review of our process was deemed fair in accordance with the evaluation of the multiple stages of this process.

The following Requests for Proposals were received and opened by the Purchasing Agent:

Classic Care Pharmacy, Nepean, Ontario
Pharmacie Desjardins Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario
Medical Arts Pharmacy, Cornwall, Ontario
Medical Pharmacies Group Inc., Pickering, Ontario
Shoppers Drug Mart & MediSystem Pharmacy, Toronto, Ontario.

In Stage One, Proposals were evaluated on the mandatory requirements which resulted in a determination of “pass" or "fail”. These mandatory requirements were as follows:

a. The Proponent must provide, for each of its pharmacists, proof of
certification/accreditation and membership in good standing with the Ontario College of
b. The Proponent must provide, for each of its pharmacists proof of a minimum of
three (3) years experience in long term care or other geriatric care setting.
c. The Proponent must demonstrate a record of compliance with Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and Accreditation Canada Standards.

There were two proposals received that did not meet the mandatory requirements and at that point were eliminated for further evaluation. There were three proposals that "passed" Stage One and were then evaluated under Stage Two, the points rated evaluation criteria. Medical Pharmacies Group Inc. and Shoppers Drug Mart & MediSystem did not meet at least one of these requirements for Stage One. The Fairness Monitor also validated our findings for Stage One.

The remaining three proposals (Classic Care Pharmacy, Pharmacie Desjardins Ltd. and Medical Arts Pharmacy) were deemed to be eligible for evaluation for Stage Two. It should be noted that the proponents also had to provide signed addendums and include the Contractual Acknowledgment with their submission which was done.

Stage Two consisted of the evaluation of the proposals by the evaluation committee which consisted of Maureen Adams, General Manager & Treasurer of Financial Services, Donna Derouchie, Manager of the Glen Stor Dun Lodge, Jason Samson, Director of Nursing and Paulette Heard, Purchasing Agent. The Fairness Monitor was present for all meetings held by the evaluation committee. The Fairness Monitor oversaw these discussions and made sure that the committee evaluated all proponents independently per the requirements listed in the RFP.

The proposals were evaluated on the following criteria:

    1. Experience of the Proponent (15 points)
    2. Experience & Qualifications of Team Leader and Pharmacist(s) (20 points)
    3. Understanding of Objectives (15 points)
    4. Quality of Approach and Methodology (30 points).
A short list of the successful proponents meeting the minimum score of 70% (56 points) would then proceed to Stage Three. Medical Arts Pharmacy did not meet the minimum score and therefore, did not qualify for Stage Three. The Fairness Monitor confirmed our calculations as well as the evaluation of these three proposals.

Stage Three consisted of a site visit of the pharmacy by the evaluation team who scored a minimum of 56 points. Classic Care Pharmacy and Pharmacie Desjardins Ltd. met this criteria. There were 20 points available for the evaluation of Stage Three.

The site visits were used to further validate the written components contained within the submitted proposals. The site visits included an observation of processes related to written components to ensure reliability and system sustainability. The evaluation committee observed the interactions with all levels of staff and organization teams. The Fairness Monitor was present for both of these site visits. Following the site visits, the evaluation committee met the following day to determine the scores for this final stage of the evaluation.

The scores from Stage Two and Stage Three were then added to determine a total score. Classic Care Pharmacy achieved the highest score through this process. The Fairness Monitor confirmed our calculations as well as the evaluation to recommend Classic Care Pharmacy as the successful proponent for this contract.

It is important to note that a "consensus" approach was used during the evaluation process. Therefore, the evaluation committee always arrived at a consensus of scoring for each component throughout this entire process.


June 24, 2010 09:04 AM
Paulette Heard
Purchasing Agent
June 24, 2010 09:09 AM
Donna Derouchie
Manager Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge
June 24, 2010 09:23 AM
Maureen Adams
G.M.Financial Services
June 24, 2010 10:59 AMPaul W. Fitzpatrick
Chief Administrative Officer


Motion to approve the recommendation as presented.

Moved By: Syd Gardiner, Councillor
Seconded By: Kim Baird, Councillor

Motion that this matter be deferred to the meeting of July 12th and direct administration to debrief other proponents who were not the successful bidders.

Moved By: Glen Grant, Councillor
Seconded By: Mark MacDonald, Councillor

Motion to suspend Rule 3 to allow Members of Council an opportunity to question the "Fairness Officer", Mr. Oliver Grant. A 2/3's vote in favor of the suspension was received.

Moved By: André Rivette, Councillor
Seconded By: Denis Carr, Councillor

A recorded vote on the Main motion resulted as follows:

Votes For = 10 Votes Against = 1
Bob Kilger, Mayor Mark MacDonald, Councillor
Denis Thibault, Councillor
Denis Carr, Councillor
Elaine MacDonald, Councillor
Glen Grant, Councillor
Kim Baird, Councillor
Bernadette Clément, Councillor
André Rivette, Councillor
Syd Gardiner, Councillor
Mary Ann Hug, Councillor